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The Importance of Wedding Video Production in Today’s Weddings

There’s a reason why wedding videos are so popular – for potential bridal couples and newlyweds, it’s a great way to immortalize their dream wedding, with all the elegance, romance, and festivities captured on video to be cherished for a long time to come. 

These days, rather than just a straight-up chronological documentation of events unfolding at your big day, wedding videos have now become a lot more sophisticated in terms of technique, artistic style, and production. In fact, many video production outfits have chosen to specialize on just weddings, as you may have already noticed.

Indeed, wedding videography is considered a necessity by most soon-to-wed couples today. The overall goal now has also evolved, from recording events for posterity to now telling the couple’s unique story.

Anyone can lug around a camera and press record and stop. But a seasoned wedding videographer with a capable wedding video production team knows exactly how to frame all your key moments, within the context of a larger, more dramatic narrative, and then weave all of these into your own personal short film; one that beautifully highlights all the dramatic, emotional, and candid moments of your special day.

CrazyCrew Los Angeles is an award-winning team of filmmakers that have worked in various capacities on film sets and media projects throughout Hollywood and beyond. With our experience and expertise in creating captivating videos, we now bring our own unique aesthetic and style, as well as some much-needed fun and excitement for you and your big day through our wedding video production packages..

Why Are Wedding Videos Such a Big Deal?

The reason why wedding videos (and your wedding photos, by extension) is that it is the one service on your big day that goes well past your wedding day. 

Your caterer, your makeup artist, your wedding dress, and your other vendors might all be fantastic, but their roles are fulfilled or completed by the time your wedding reception draws to a close.

As for your wedding video and your wedding photos, you’ll be looking at these for days, weeks, and even years to come. You could be reviewing your photos and your video highlights two weeks after your big day as you get them from your photographer/videographer. In a month, you could be sitting down with friends and family. In five years, you can be telling your kids all about your dream wedding. In twenty or thirty years, you could be doing this again with your children’s children.

Your wedding video (and wedding photos) captures the very best of your wedding day. As a once-in-a-lifetime event, your wedding will always stand out in your memory as one of the happiest memories you’ll ever have, and your wedding videos will let you relive all those moments of joy, love, and bliss for years to come.

Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer for My Wedding?

Absolutely. You should definitely hire a wedding videographer for your big day.

We’ve already discussed the importance of wedding videos (see above). Now, you might be thinking that having both wedding photos and a wedding video package might be way too much, or maybe you might not have enough budget for both.

But trust us when we say you’ll want to hire a wedding video production team.

We here at CrazyCrew understand that your wedding is the biggest and most important event you’ll likely be putting together your whole life. 

In fact, you’ve been planning this day for years. It is, by all indications, the day you’re at your best, you’re at your prettiest, and you’re at your happiest. It is for this reason that you need a professional wedding videographer and production team on hand to capture all the important moments, while you’re picture-perfect.

Furthermore, your wedding day literally flies by– it’s all over sooner than you realize. And while you’re all euphoric and high on love and life, there will be a lot of moments you might miss. With our crack team of wedding videographers on your big day, you can be assured that you have all those emotional reactions, candid moments, and meaningful event highlights on film for future viewing.

What Should I Be Looking For in a Wedding Videographer?

Now that you’ve decided to hire a professional wedding video production team, know that there are a number of things to consider when choosing the right wedding videographer for your big day.

For starters, here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself, just so you understand what you and your videographer might talk about:

  • Do you already have a general idea of how your wedding videos should look like? 
  • Is there a particular style that best resonates with you that you want for your own films? 
  • Do you want something more cinematic, or something more fun and natural? 
  • Are you looking at other videos besides one that captures your ceremony and reception?

When you’re shopping around for the right wedding videographer, these are just some of the questions you’ll want to cover. Most wedding video pros will discuss these with you, helping you figure things out and check all the boxes as you go along. 

You are going to get all kinds of wedding videographers, though. So you’ll want to make sure you book a wedding video production team not just for their experience and expertise, but also on the basis of their own style, personality, and work ethic. 

That said, here are eight things you should be looking for in a wedding videographer:

1. Someone whose style best aligns with your own.

This is probably the most important of all; it doesn’t matter how technically proficient or artistically superior your videographer is, but if you don’t see each other eye-to-eye in terms of vision, creative execution, or style, you are then just setting yourself up for disappointment.

2. Someone who works well with your other wedding vendors.

To get the best possible shots needed for your wedding video, your videographer and production team is also expected to work with your venue, your event stylist, your wedding planner, your official photographer, your caterer, and all your other wedding suppliers present to help bring your dream wedding to life.

3. Someone who knows his or her skills and limits.

Seasoned videographers know exactly what they can and cannot do on their own, especially if they need to accomplish a particular effect, look, or style. 

One reason why wedding video production teams cost so much is that any awesome wedding video is actually a group effort from an awesome team— one that has assistants, main and secondary shooters, coordinators/wranglers, and editors.  

4. Someone organized

Shining, shimmering, splendid as it may be, your wedding is going to be one crazy day. You’ll not just want someone who is a joy to work with, you’ll also want someone who has a method to the madness. 

Without a doubt, you will want a team of professionals with detailed schedules, shot lists, instructions, storyboards, and other notes for executing your joint creative vision, as well as the means to effectively coordinate others to get all the gorgeous shots you need.

5. Someone who comes highly recommended

Even as you might listen to the suggestions of family and friends, take the time to do your research on your wedding videographer: do a quick Google check, have a look at Yelp, Facebook, and other social networks and message boards so you can see what other brides or couples have said about their work. 

6. Someone who clearly sets deliverables and expectations 

Professional wedding videographers not only take time to sit down with you to make sure you understand every single item on your service agreement or your contract, but they’ll also explain to you when you’ll be getting your finished wedding videos, wedding photos, and other deliverable items in your package.

CrazyCrew understands your needs when it comes to your upcoming dream wedding. Our expert team of video production professionals is not only highly organized and has a keen eye for detail, but we’re also fully committed to delivering the best quality possible wedding videos for you to forever cherish.

A Final Word About Wedding Video Production

Your wedding day is the culmination of months of meticulous planning, and so if you’re considering booking a wedding video production team for your dream wedding, we here at CrazyCrew are more than happy to be a part of your big day

With the latest in video gear and production equipment, the team behind CrazyCrew Los Angeles comes from some of the world’s top film schools, with many years of experience, as well as a passion for beautifully capturing the personal and emotional highlights of your special day for you. 

Our filmmakers and video production professionals at CrazyCrew has had extensive experience in creating and producing corporate videos, branding packages, as well as various promos & music videos. The team loves working on wedding videos of all kinds, and we’d love for you to come meet with us and have a chat about what you have in mind for your special day.

With everything from script-writing and film planning, to filming, video editing, and post-production services, CrazyCrew Los Angeles makes the process of wedding videography easy for you. Our team is happy to receive requests for all types of weddings and can supply additional shooters for larger weddings for full coverage as needed.

Let’s talk about creating exceptional wedding videos that you will be delighted with– get in touch with CrazyCrew Los Angeles today! 


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